Wishes | Course 10
Wishes | Course 10

Wishes | Course 10

We can use ‘wish’ to talk about something that we would like to be different in the present or the future. It’s used for things that are impossible or very unlikely.

  • I wish I had a big house (I don’t have a big house, but it’s a nice idea!).
  • I wish we didn’t need to work today (we do need to work today, unfortunately).
  • I wish you lived close by (you don’t live close by).
  • I wish John weren’t busy tomorrow* (he is busy, unfortunately).

#1 I wish I ____ play the piano.

#2 I wish I _____ that yesterday.

#3 I wish it ____ end soon.

#4 She ________________ a car

#5 My dad __________ my mother ______________ tamales every day.

#6 My friends __________ they ______________ to study

#7 I wish I ___________ die. I want to be immortal.

#8 My best friend __________ she _________ a new car.

#9 My best friend __________ she _________ a new car.



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