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Causative verbs | Course 10

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A causative verb is a verb used to indicate that some person or thing makes — or helps to make — something happen.

#1 I can’t believe she ________ you look at her vacation pictures again last night. We have to look at those stupid pictures every time we go to her house.

#2 Sam really wanted a dog, but his parents wouldn’t ________ him have a pet.

#3 I don’t know how you convince your children to clean up their rooms. I couldn’t ________ my children to clean up their rooms if my life depended on it.

#4 Have you had a technician _________ the TV yet?

#5 This is the first time I’ve ever got him ____________ after himself. Fantastic!

#6 I have the cleaner ___________ the house.

#7 I want my mother ________________ Chiles Rellenos. They are very delicious!




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