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Wishes | Course 10

We can use ‘wish’ to talk about something that we would like to be different in the present or the future. It’s used for things that are impossible or very unlikely. I wish I had a big house (I don’t have a big house, but it’s a nice idea!). I wish we didn’t need to…
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Adverb vs. Adjective | Course 10

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun: “That boy is so loud!” An adverb describes a verb or anything apart from a noun and pronoun: “That boy speaks so loudly!” Adverbs are used to answer how questions e.g. “How does he talk? – He talks loudly.” Flowers smell sweet or flowers smell sweetly, which is correct? Smell sweet is correct because it describes the…
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Causative verbs | Course 10

A causative verb is a verb used to indicate that some person or thing makes — or helps to make — something happen.