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“Be going to” vs. Present Continuous

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When you want to talk about future events or plans, you have some options. We are going to review two forms in this post; “Be going to” and Present Continuous.

Remember the difference
“Be going to” – It’s a very general future form for plans or things we can’t control or decide like the weather.

Present Continuous – It can express the same idea as “Be going to” but we normally use it with a date, time, or place that isn’t the one you are at the moment.

Check this quiz and let’s review some with some exercises – all of them have to talk about the future.


#1 Tomorrow, we ____________ some drinks at Jon’s for her birthday.

#2 Everybody ____________ costumes at the Halloween party on Friday.

#3 What are you ____________ on Sunday?

#4 Juliet ________________ a New Year’s Eve party at her penthouse.

#5 Are we ____________ anything for Janet?

#6 My mom ____________. We have to cook dinner for the party.

#7 I ________________ to Janel’s party, I’m sick.

#8 I’m sure the surprise party ________________ fantastic.

#9 Did you hear that on Sunday it ________________ a lot? Maybe we ________________ the party.

#10 I ________________ to the party, but I ________________. I’m really tired.


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