“Be going to” vs. Present Continuous
“Be going to” vs. Present Continuous

“Be going to” vs. Present Continuous

When you want to talk about future events or plans, you have some options. We are going to review two forms in this post; “Be going to” and Present Continuous.

Remember the difference
“Be going to” – It’s a very general future form for plans or things we can’t control or decide like the weather.

Present Continuous – It can express the same idea as “Be going to” but we normally use it with a date, time, or place that isn’t the one you are at the moment.

Check this quiz and let’s review some with some exercises – all of them have to talk about the future.


#1 Tomorrow, we ____________ some drinks at Jon’s for her birthday.

#2 Everybody ____________ costumes at the Halloween party on Friday.

#3 What are you ____________ on Sunday?

#4 Juliet ________________ a New Year’s Eve party at her penthouse.

#5 Are we ____________ anything for Janet?

#6 My mom ____________. We have to cook dinner for the party.

#7 I ________________ to Janel’s party, I’m sick.

#8 I’m sure the surprise party ________________ fantastic.

#9 Did you hear that on Sunday it ________________ a lot? Maybe we ________________ the party.

#10 I ________________ to the party, but I ________________. I’m really tired.


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