Fidel Velázquez #526 Río Medio II
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Author: Julio Zamudio

#AhoraSí habla inglés

The Quietest Place on Earth

My search started when I was in the New York subway. My children were whining, four trains came screaming into the station at once and I put my hands over my ears and cowered – the noise was deafening. In cities, the ever-present dull roar of planes, cars, machinery and voices is a fact of…
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The hands

  My own  ghost story – The hands Several years ago, I went to stay with some friends who lived in an old house in the country. I had not told them I was coming, and when I arrived, they already had other visitors. “Never mind,” said my friend Ella. “You can sleep in the…
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A story about John

John has always traveled a lot. In fact, when he was only two years old when he first flew to the US. His mother is Italian and his father is American. John was born in France, but his parents had met in Cologne, Germany after they had been living there for five years. They met…
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(Pronombre) + Verbo

Un error muy común cuando estamos aprendiendo inglés, es el omitir los pronombres personales – I, you, he, she, it, we, and they – antes de un verbo. Es normal creer que “are” es “eres”, sin embargo, “eres” es “you are”. Por ejemplo: “Veracruz is very beautiful. Has a lot of amazing places.” debe llevar…
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Orden de Adjetivos

An old big great pink house.* Suena raro, ¿no? Esto se debe a que hay un orden en que los adjetivos (las palabras que usamos para describir) tienen que ir: 1) Determiner – a, an, the, this, that… 2) Opinion – great, good, horrible, terrible, nice, pretty… 3) Size – big, small, large, little… 4)…
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¿Cómo hacer preguntas en inglés?

Cuando estamos aprendiendo un nuevo idioma, tenemos la idea de que se trata de sólo traducir lo que ya sabemos en español. Sin embargo, al ser un nuevo idioma, nos encontramos con nuevas estructuras y esto nos suele causar conflictos. 😖 Estos nos llegan a pasar con cosas muy técnicas o, incluso, el cómo hacer…
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How to prepare for a job interview

Do you have a job interview on your schedule? There are some steps you can take before the interview to ensure that you make a terrific impression during the interview. Taking the time to prepare for the interview in advance can help you secure a job offer. Here’s how to research the job and company,…
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Causative verbs | Course 10

A causative verb is a verb used to indicate that some person or thing makes — or helps to make — something happen.

Gambling – 12Tk-05 | W4

How many times have you offered advice only to watch that person make the opposite choice? The way we usually give advice — by imposing our own opinion — is often ineffective, and even harmful. Knowing how to give helpful advice can improve your working relationships and lead to better business decisions. 1. Only give…
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¿Qué es “though”?

Imagina que quieres usar “pero” en un oración que ya comenzaste a decir. 😓 Ya es muy tarde para usar “but”, lo que puedes hacer es terminar tu oración con “though” y obtendrás el mismo resultado. 😌 There’s no coffee, but there is some tea. There’s no coffee. There’s some tea, though. I don’t like…
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